About Public Joint Company “Zhyvytsya”

Over the hundred years ago in Prukarpattya Austrian businessmen organized the chemical enterprise of forestry and petrochemical type aiming at wood wastes processing. In 1995 the enterprise “Lisоhimzavod” was reorganized into the PJSC “Zhyvytsya”.
The modern open join-stock company “Zhyvytsya” is the producer of unique chemical products.

Activity type
  • Development and introduction of new methods and technologies in oil, gas and geological industry
  • Service works in quality providing of boring solution for boring of deep wells, and also solutions for the oil and gas extractions
  • Glue resins for furniture, veneer, DSP.
  • Energy saving technologies
  • Ecological environment protection.

PJSC “Zhyvytsya” invites all interested investors to cooperation.


2007 year 

Facilitated tampon solutions (FTS) for cementation of areas of ANPD

For cementation of mining holes in the conditions of areas with anomalous-low stratal pressures the facilitated tampon solutions are developed – on the basis of mixture of cement  PCTi-50 (PCTi-100) with adsorbents brand of KOG produced by PJSC “Zhyvytsya”.
This work is executed jointly with the Poltava department of UKRNIGRI (head of the project A.V. Luzhanica).
FTS have a closeness from 1200 to 1250 kg/m3, while standard PCTIII is about. 5–100, that does not allow to get tampon solutions a closeness less than 1450 kg/m3.
FTS differ high sedimentation firmness, and a hardening stone has good physical and mechanical indexes.
FTS alpha tests went well. For introduction offered first.

All constituents are protected the patents of Ukraine.

2008 year


By forces of PJSC “Zhyvytsya” specialists-technologists is developed compound, laboratory technological researched oiling addition-plasticizer of RP-M.
RP-M reagent is an umber viscid suspension, fully water-soluble, with a closeness no less than 1050 kg/m3 .
RP-M reagent is used as oiling addition and plasticizer of boring solution at the boring drilling in difficult geological and technical terms with the purpose of improvement of oilings and geological properties of solution, replaces crude oil at oil baths in the case of instrument sticking and collapses of walls of mining hole.
The reagent is proof to salt and temperature aggression.
The distinctive feature of RP-M reagent, produced by PJSC “Zhyvytsya”, is complex operating on boring solution:

  • it is diminishing of KTK of solution /greasing/;
  • it is diminishing water loss of solution;
  • it is an increase of geological properties and taking away ability of solution.

Optimum addition in boring solution is 3 -7 % weight of the volume, here the coefficient of friction of clay crust diminishes in 3 -4 time, water loss of boring solution – in 1,5 – 2 times, SNS of solution is increased in 2 – 3 times.

The enterprise conducts research of applicability RP-M in solutions for dissection of productive layers.
The factory packing of reagent is 50 – 100 l of bucket.

Sertification product\'s quality in the sistem ISO 9001

The address of the enterprise
77550, Ivano-Frankivsk region
Dolynsky district
4 Zavodska Street
Tel./fax: +38 034 7761362, +38 034 7761088

The address of representative office
179, Getmana Mazepy Street  

Reception: +38 034 7761362, +38 034 7761088                                                                                       Accounts departmen: +38 034 7761346 – Alla Roshyk, chief accountant.
Supply departmen: +38 034 7761341 – Myhail Luchka, head of supply department.
Representation: +38 034 2535171,  +38 034 2538797 - Jaroslav Moroz

Chairman of the Board: Oleksandr Aniskovtsev, bach. of tech. science
Deputy chairman: Jaroslav Lovych

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